Young Astronomers Networking in the Lunch Hour

IAU GA’s Young Astronomers Lunch (YAL) is organised to create a networking opportunity between senior and young astronomers. The YAL has been a feature at recent GAs and regional meetings, and the 2018 YAL is split into two events due to the high number of participants. The first luncheon was held on the 23 of August with 230 students and 45 senior astronomers. The second luncheon will on the 28 of August with 197 students, including more than 40 seniors. The luncheon stimulates discussion and opportunities for young astronomers at the start of their careers. The main objectives of the YAL are:

  • to give young astronomers (i.e. early career astronomers) the opportunity to discuss predefined topics of their choice, related to careers and research organisation in astronomy, with more experienced astronomers;
  • to raise the awareness of the young astronomers of their importance to the IAU; and
  • to enhance networking among young astronomers of different countries.

As in the past, the luncheon featured roundtable discussions involving one or two senior astronomers and seven to nine young astronomers at each table. Young astronomers (i.e. early career astronomers) are those who are enrolled in graduate MSc/PhD programs, Postdocs and those who received their PhD 3 years since the last General Assembly (i.e. after August 2015).

Young Astronomers Lunch (YAL) was generously sponsored by Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A), the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (NASL) and the US National Academy of Science (USNAS).