Tweet Beat: 24 August Round-up

It’s impossible to see everything that happens at the conference each day. Thankfully, we can turn to the conference hashtag, #IAU2018, to get insights from other delegates.

We keep finding more dwarf galaxies:

Will IAU take on standardizing star names?

Science fiction snuck its way into discussions of habitability, while future plans to upgrade instruments for observing distant solar systems is mind-boggling.

Several exhibitors celebrated being recognized for their environmentally-friendly booths. Some of the tricks they used were reducing or eliminating give-aways, providing QR codes to download digital flyers, using recycled paper, and limit power consumption by turning off displays after the Exhibition closes for the night

It was also a good day to recognize the diversity of IAU. (You can take the Global Survey of Scientists investigating the gender gap here.)

Delegates found ways to enjoy the simple pleasures: