Tweet Beat: 22 August Round-up

It’s impossible to see everything that happens at the conference each day. Thankfully, we can turn to the conference hashtag, #IAU2018, to get insights from other delegates on the best of the rest.

The best tweet of the day was about Sarah Sweet’s talk, which was presented via a pre-recorded video:

In a bit of perfect timing, she added a new Earthling to our planet’s population earlier in the day!

Wednesday’s plenary by Manuel Güdel got everyone talking:

Meanwhile, the sessions were full of new ideas — and, occasionally, some old-school methods, too:

People were getting a bit concerned about the gender ratio of speakers in sessions:

The Invited Discourse by Marica Branchesi was so popular that people were sitting on the floors and lining the walls:

Wednesday wasn’t without its cute factor:

It was also the first day of waltz lessons. The next is 12:45-13:15 on 28 August in Room L2, followed by an opportunity to dance during the handover ceremony on 30 August.