Tweet Beat: 21 August Round-up

It’s impossible to see everything that happens at the conference each day. Thankfully, we can turn to the conference hashtag #IAU2018 to get insights from other delegates on the best of the rest.

The day started with an intense plenary by Amanda Karakas:

Coffee was a reoccuring theme, of course!

Hopefully @catdineva has recovered from this incident…

If @brettmor keeps publishing his GIF-filled tweets, he’s set to become a regular on the Tweet Beat:

We’ve also seen a report that GIFs are now also making their way into talks:

Returning to more serious matters, a few attendees spotted themes crossing over between sessions:

And it doesn’t get more serious than the first GA Business Meeting, where it was announced that new countries have joined the IAU. Speakers also introduced the IAU’s new Strategic Plan and introduced resolutions that will be voted on next week during the second GA Business Meeting on 30 August:

In the Exhibition, the collection of IAU selfies (hashtag now updated to #IAUastroselfie) continues to grow and highlight the global nature of the organisation. Though, the footprint on the Moon selfie (on level 1) could be the next big trend:

For some delegates, the night ended with a trip to the elegant Vienna City Hall, with plush red carpets (fitted carpets — not rolled out in our honour!) and soaring arches:

What did you see and learn at the conference? Tweet about it on #IAU2018 and check back tomorrow!