Stars & their Variability, Observed from Space

This 1:1 model of BRITE (with a telescope and model rocket) is at the Austrian Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics booth (IAU)

You like Vienna? You like Stars? … Then come again to Vienna next year and register for the conference: Stars and their Variability, Observed from Space.

This conference is scheduled from August 19 to 23, 2019. We will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the BRITE-Constellation. BRITE stands for “BRIght star Target Explorer”, as we are targeting towards bright stars down to 6th magnitude.

This constellation of 5 operational nanosatellites in Low Earth orbit, are provided by Austria (UniBRITE and BRITE-Austria/TUGSAT-1), Canada (BRITE-Toronto) and Poland (BRITE-Heweliusz and BRITE-Lem). Their goal is to produce high-precision photometry in the red and blue spectral range with high cadence (less than a minute) and continuously for up to half a year. The field of view of each BRITE is 24 degrees and a revisit in subsequent years is possible for promising target fields.

The motivation for this conference is to convene top scientists and discuss still open issues in modelling of stars due to discrepancies between theory and observations, concerning the physics needed to describe their structure (convection, rotation, magnetic fields, etc.) and evolution (from genesis to end of life), considering the interaction with their environment (winds out and in, outbursts, magnetic fields, etc.), and being member of ensembles (binaries, clusters, etc.). What are the most recent achievements in space observations and theory?

The number of participants is limited to 200, so please pre-register.

You want to come close to a BRITE satellite? Please visit the exhibition of the Austrian Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics on Level 1 and see a 1:1 model of a BRITE nanosatellite.

WERNER WEISS served at ESA Teams (PRISMA, STARS, etc.), is CoI of the space photometric missions CoRoT (1997) and MOST (1999), and is member of IAA. He is PI of UniBRITE and founding member of BRITE-Constellation (nanosatellites from Austria, Canada and Poland).