A Prelude to the GA in Busan, 2021



The Korean Astronomical Society (KAS) welcomes you to the XXXI IAU General Assembly, which will be held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 16-27 August 2021. During the bidding process in 2015, we chose “Astronomy for All” as the main theme for our GA, in a sincere hope to make this event a true festival of astronomy for both professional astronomers and the general public.

In honour of the IAU’s mission, we recognise the importance of continuing international cooperation among its members from all around the world and effective outreach efforts for the public. To that end, KAS has pledged a special travel grant, which will complement the traditional IAU travel grant, to encourage more young students and junior postdocs to attend the GA in Busan.

The host city of Busan is the Republic of Korea’s celebrated harbour city, located on the southeastern coast. It was named as the best place to visit in Asia in 2018 by Lonely Planet. You will find beautiful beaches, gentle hills, Buddhist temples and abundant tourist attractions, where contemporary lifestyle meets long-standing history. Although summer days can be hot, you can feel the cool sea breeze at Haeundae Beach. The venue, BEXCO, has emerged as the most competitive exhibition and convention centre in Northeast Asia, with a state-of-the-art auditorium to seat more than 4000 delegates, 49 meeting rooms and a 46 500 square metre exhibition space.

We hope that all participants will have many opportunities to appreciate Busan’s rich natural, cultural and urban landscapes and have a rewarding and productive time at the GA.

Please come and join us in 2021 for the festivities!

Hyesung KangHYESUNG KANG is a member of the National Organising Committee for the Korean Astronomical Society. She is Professor of Earth Sciences at Pusan National University and President of the National Committee for Astronomy in the Republic of Korea.