Inspiring Stars Travelling Exhibition Launched at the GA

The Inspiring Stars — the IAU inclusive world exhibition was launched at the GA today. This travelling exhibition, led by the IAU and supported by the American Astronomical Society, aims to highlight, support and promote inclusive initiatives to address equity and equality of participation in astronomy education and teaching, as well as at a professional level.

The inauguration of the exhibition featured a rich programme of talks and panels that allowed distinguished invited speakers to share their experiences as scientists with disabilities or impairments GA delegates and members of the public.

Visitors to the Inspiring Stars exhibition launch were able to engage with interactive displays that showcase various resources for multisensorial exploration in astronomy from around the world. These included tactile planets, books, and posters (Spain, US), a multisensorial optical telescope (US), a tactile telescope model (Japan) and software that translates astronomical data into audio (Argentina and Australia).

Missed the launch event? Why not visit the IAU Inclusion booth (1-49) in the Exhibition to find out more.

Tactitle Constellations

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