Closing Ceremony and Business Meeting of IAU GA 2018

The 30th General Assembly of International Astronomical Union comes to an end in Vienna, Austria. The two weeks of the GA featured a rich programme of six symposia, 22 multi-session focus meetings, nine IAU Division meetings and dozens of IAU Commission meetings. The programme also included the Young Astronomers and Women in Astronomy luncheons and many public outreach events at the venue and around Vienna.

During the Business Meeting of the General Assembly, five new resolutions were presented for vote. All five Resolutions were accepted by the General Assembly, although Resolution B4 — the proposition to rename the Hubble Law as the Hubble-Lemaître law — will be voted on electronically by all IAU members in order to ensure wider participation in the decision.

At the Closing Ceremony, it was also announced that the XXXII IAU General Assembly in 2024 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. This will be the first time an IAU General Assembly will be been held in Africa.