Access Denied: Entering the GA on Thursday

Austria Center Vienna

Austria Center Vienna

As part of the Austrian Presidency of the European Council, a ministerial conference will take place on Thursday, 30 August at the Austria Center Vienna — the venue that is also currently being used to host the GA.

Important notice for GA delegates: on Thursday, 30 August, heightened security precautions for the European Council meeting will block the main entrance into the GA venue, and  X-ray baggage scanners will be in place at the alternative entrance. Parking facilities will be unavailable and taxis will not be permitted to approach the venue.

You will not be able to access the GA via Aristides-de-Sousa-Mendes-Promenade or Bruno-Kreisky-Platz. GA delegates should instead follow the signposted alternative route from the U-Bahn station.

A detailed description of the alternative route is below. Click on the images to see them larger.

IAU / M. McKinnon When you exit the U-Bahn station, cross the street and proceed up the stairs or ramp (shown here) as normal. Just after you pass the e-Wok restaurant, take a sharp left onto Isidro-Fabela-Promenade.


IAU / M. McKinnon When you reach Ströck cafe (shown on left of image), turn right onto Carl-Auböck-Promenade and head toward Bila.


IAU / M. McKinnon About 200 metres along Carl-Auböck-Promenade you’ll see a water feature (shown) on your right with a sphere sculpture in it — turn right here onto Marcel-Prawy-Promenade.


Continue straight, use either the ramp or the stairs to enter the venue through Hall X5, where you’ll need to go through security checkpoints with X-ray baggage scanners.

From Hall X5, you’ll cross a bridge over the square and into the main conference venue. If you have mobility issues, you will be escorted by security across the square instead.

UPDATE: Beware that security will not allow you to bring liquids into the venue today.