About the eNewspaper

Welcome to the eNewspaper for the XXX IAU General Assembly (GA). As is tradition, we have given the eNewspaper a name that honours the hosting nation: Keplersche Nachrichten (translation: Kepler’s Notes). It reflects Kepler’s influence on science in Austria and honours the history of Astronomische Nachrichten.

Keplersche Nachrichten is produced by a globe-spanning team of editors who are working to bring you a regular stream of content, written in many cases by delegates. From Focus Meeting summaries to welcoming addresses, IAU members have provided the foundations of this paper. It’s not too late for you to submit content, too! We welcome contributions of up to 800 words in length that are non-commercial and contribute to a broader understanding of the GA programme. We are also working to provide you with original content, from photo stories to articles about the places you should explore outside the conference venue.

We hope you enjoy what you find in these digital pages!

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